A trip to Thailand

From December 28, 2019 to January 2, 2020, we spent 6 days and 5 nights in Thailand.

On the first day, with excited mood and full luggage, we had a long waiting time. Let's go! When we arrive at our destination, we are all sleepy. We should have a good sleep to welcome the new journey.

The next day, we went to visit the Royal Palace of Rama: it's said that when traveling in Thailand, the Royal Palace is a place where you have to punch cards. At least when you go there for the first time, it should be included in your destination list, because the Royal Palace of Thailand is as iconic as the imperial palace of Beijing. The majestic splendor of the Grand Palace is different from the majestic red walls and blue tiles of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, and also different from the graceful gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, but glowing with dazzling pure Oriental color. He also toured the first river in Thailand, also known as the mother river, the Mekong River, and enjoyed the rich delicacies of various countries on board. There's another place worth checking in. It's the tallest building in Bangkok, building 1314. There's one of the largest glass floor viewing platforms in the world, 310 meters high. It gives us a thrilling experience of walking in the air.

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On the third day, we came to Pattaya, where we experienced the stimulation of live shooting, the most distinctive tropical customs in Southeast Asia, and enjoyed different kinds of fresh tropical fruits of the season. When it comes to Thailand, you must first think of the human demons. Yes, in the evening, we came to the human singing and dancing demons performance site, and enjoyed the exquisite performance of the beautiful and famous ladies. We were intoxicated by the artistic charm of the tea fluttering, graceful and charming, and exclaimed at their magic.

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On the fourth day, each of us enjoyed another characteristic of Thailand - Thai ancient massage. After visiting the main shooting place of "Du Lala's promotion", the traditional Thai wooden structure built along the river - Sifang water market, I can experience the ordinary life back in ancient times and different romantic feelings!We also went to the seaside to enjoy the bathing in Yangguan, touch the softness of the sand and feel the vast ocean. I also experienced a night performance.



On the fifth day, we went back to Bangkok to watch and understand the whole process and manufacturing process of latex products in the latex manufacturing center.



The online red lachanda locomotive night market is set up, which integrates food, shopping and tourism bars. It has a strong sense of experience.

Full of journey, full of harvest, full of joy, this short and happy journey is over, leaving home with a full heart! Looking forward to coming again!